Salmon Avocado Sliders

I guess you could say I’m simply addicted to sliders! Ever since I discovered the tiny buns baked fresh every day here in Vancouver I’ve been topping them with what ever I can get my hands on. Anyone else is slider crazy out there?

Turns out salmon is a good way to go. On this occasion I decided to try ground salmon vs salmon filets. The grilled filets were better in my opinion. I’m not a huge fan of ground fish, but I had to give it a shot. I grilled the salmon skin down on the bbq and I did the ground salmon patties in a cast iron pan on the other side of the grill. The sauce is simple – plain yogurt, mayo, lemon juice and fresh capers. The avocado slice adds some nice creaminess and a touch of green on the plate. Over all a pretty successful little meal with a stack of crisp pop chips. One lesson I learned here is use more sauce! I backed off a little on my sauce portion and it was the wrong way to go.

#1 slider rule for me (no matter what you’re putting in the middle): Sauce must drip out of the sandwich on every single bite, or it’s not a good slider!

Stick to that rule and you can’t go wrong!

7 thoughts on “Salmon Avocado Sliders

  1. That sounds like a great idea that I will have to try. I really like the idea of the filet salmon. Which do you think was better? The filet or the patty?? We are having a slider party in November and you keep giving me ideas to add. Thank you Jonny!!!

  2. These look and sound amazing…. I will definitely have to try these minus the avocado cuz I am allergic!!! I could replace the avocado with asparagus!!! Thanks for the great ideas Jonny!!!

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