Jonny Hetherington is the singer for the rock band Art of Dying. The band signed to Warner Bros in the United States via Dan Donegan and David Draiman of Disturbed’s label Intoxication Records. Art of Dying recorded their major label debut called “Vices and Virtues” which was released in March 2011. They have been on tour supporting the album with bands like Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold and Seether as singles “Die Trying” and “Get Thru This” have been tearing up the charts. Hetherington asked fans to change their profile pic in support of their current single “Sorry” which sparked an overwhelming response and a video for the Acoustic Version of the song. When he’s not on tour with the boys Jonny escapes to his other passions – song writing, cooking, fitness and cigars (yes, fitness and cigars).
Jonny Hetherington

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  1. Hi there! Im a new fan (found ya on twitter) – where have you been all my life? your music rocks- and ummm youre pretty damn sexy;) hahah hope you come to Charlotte, NC one day soon

  2. I’m impressed – had no idea. Was recently friended by someone I went to highschool (Lacombe Comp) with and found you in his pics. Then found your website. Love your music!!! Congrats!

  3. Johnny,

    I am a senior at Pleasant Grove High School in Utah and for my AP English class this year I am required to write a ten page research paper. I am writing my paper on professional musicians and the work and dedication it takes to both to become a professional and to maintain Your career. As part of the requirements for this paper I need to interview a professional musician, and as the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, I would love to interview you. Online interaction is adequate for the assignment. If this would be possible, please let me know as soon as possible. You can contact me at brittany.n.baird@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate it!

    Brittany Baird

  4. I met Art of Dying in Littlt Rock, AR 3 years ago at Edgefest. The first time I heard their music I knew I was a fan for life. After seeing them live, there was no doubt hoe great this band is. When I first heard ‘Sorry’ it spoke to me, as I’m sure it has to numerous people. At that particular time I was going through a low point in my life and really the person that I could always turn to as I grew up. My father was murdered when I was 20 years old. It was as my heart had been ripped from my chest. I’m the oldest child in my family and was expected to “be strong for my mother and siblings”. I kept my feelings to myself for so long about how I felt, how I never got to say goodbye or that I was sorry for being so stubborn & rebellious. My daddy was a great guy that didn’t deserve what happened to him. Because of another person’s lack of respect for life, my dad missed out on so much, marriages, grandchildren, all the great things having a family can offer. When he was taken from us it also took the heart of our family it seems. Jonny’s song allowed my to grieve & express feelings that I had never been able to allow to surface before. It’s been several years, but a tragedy such as this stays with you forever & changes your soul. Thank you for your music & sharing it with us. I know without music I would be lost. Love the guys of Art of Dying!!! Die Hard forever!!!

  5. Hi Jonny,

    I’m with the website New Canadian Music. We’re running a contest for the country’s top-performing emerging artists, of which Art of Dying is one. Have a look at this page: http://www.newcanadianmusic.ca/contest

    We’d love it if you would participate. The first place prize is $10,000, the second is $4325. Please email me back if you’d like to partake and I’ll send you more info.



  6. hola Jonny Hetherington, soy de Argentina me interesaria comunicarme con vos, ya que siempre busco un poco mas alla de mi apellido, y es la primera vez que doy con tu nombre, quizas no seamos nada… pero aca es poco comun mi apellido y por eso siempre busque mas alla… se que las raices son importantes y a veces uno hace o siente cosas inecplicables que quizas sea solo la sangre , espero tu respuesta gracias es solo curiosidad… no existe mas intencion.!

    Jonny Hetherington hello, I’m from Argentina I’m interested in communicating with you, and I always look a little beyond my name, and is the first time I give your name, maybe we are not nothing … but here is rare my name and so I always look beyond … is that the roots are important and sometimes you do or feel things inecplicables that maybe it’s just the bleeding, I hope your answer thanks is just curious … no more intention

  7. A True DieHard! Since the first day I hear your music, I was hooked. The harmonies, the rhythm, the lyrics and the on stage performances and what makes a true rock band. You have it all. Your smoldering good looks along with a voice from Heaven make the entire package. Some of your music is set to making love. Some of it drives you into a rock and roll reality. I follow you and Art Of Dying on both Facebook and Twitter. It is utterly amazing that you take time and actually reply to your fans. That my dear is truly rare. I have not had the pleasure of seeing you perform live but when it happens it will be a dream come true. Thank you for the person you are.

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