Vocalist/Songwriter for Art of Dying

     2016 Nevermore/Vices and Virtues
     2015 Rise Up/Eleven Seven Music
     2012 Let The Fire Burn/Acoustic Album/Thorny Bleeder Records
     2011 Vices And Virtues/Warner Bros
     2006 Self Titled/Independent 

Vocalist/Songwriter for Sunlikestar

    2000 Inverse

Jonny Hetherington

    2013 Best I Can (Piano) Single
             God For A Day (Piano) Single
             Get Thru This (Piano) Single

Fine Art

   2017 TBA Stefano Losi collaboration NYC
   2015 Art direction album cover Art of Dying "Rise Up" Applied Arts magazine award
   2011 Art direction album cover Art Of Dying "Vices and Virtues" Archive magazine award

   2015 Jonny Hetherington Essentials Hot Sauce Trio launched. Available in over 30 stores in British Columbia and Alberta including lower mainland Whole Foods and Choices Markets
   2015 Private Chef Packages made available for world wide bookings


   2017 Film: TBA
            Director: Grant Fraggalosch
            Role: Guide

   2014 Film: Hanging Rock
            Director: Gabriel Napora
            Role: Adam

   2003 Film: Wake Up Running: A Story of Losers
            Director: Jane Spencer
            Role: Neil Ford

Songwriting (non band)

   2016 Hired Gun - Theme Song TBA
            Film: Hired Gun

   2016 Cilver - Afterlife
            Not The End Of The World

   2007 Hedley - Been There Done That
            Famous Last Words
            Universal Music
            (Gold in Canada)


       2015 Blackstone - Original Television Soundtrack
                Best I Can Piano

       2011 Transformers 4 - Dark Of The Moon
                Get Thru This


       2010 WWE NXT
                Get Thru This
       2009 WWF Raw
                Get Thru This

       2009 WWE SmackDown
                Get Thru This
       2009 Survivor Series
                Get Thru This
       2009 The Vetala
                A Lot to Live For

       2009 The Guard
                Get Thru This
       2008 Degrassi: The Next Generation
                Get Thru This

       2006 Falcon Beach
                Get Thru This
       2006 The Entrance
                Inside It's Raining
       2006 Stuntdawgs
                Get Thru This
       2005 A Perfect Note
                Do What You Can

       2004 Making The Cut - Last Man Standing
                Get Thru This

       2002 The Mangler 2
                Sunlikestar - Selection from Inverse